Sunday, May 14, 2006

May 14, 2006

6:15 pm Starbucks 3 blocks from the White House

Arrived at about 12:30am. My Pennsylvania family gave me a loving, solomn goodby at 7 this morning. My friend drove me to Philly and the 9am bus did the rest.

I'm excited, worried, joyful, sad. Rained cold and hard this afternoon. Promises more tonight. But, it is for our Darfur family, and for our soul. Gunna be intersting to see how far the old boy can go! It is hard. But, it is REALLY HARD TO STOP GENOCIDE.

The Problem From Hell, Samantha Power's Putlizer book on 20th century genocide has been my read today. We've always WANTED to stop it. But we never have. Unacceptable. Must try to stand, no matter the cost.

Probably 10 good conversations today. The posters seem to speak to people. We don't understand, or want to face, the urgency of the situation. This is not academic or abstact for the folks suffering in Darfur. Must try to break thru, in time.

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