Friday, May 19, 2006

Day #6 May 19: Misc.

1pm: At Save Darfur offices recharging. Thanks. Some good conversations at the White House! Ok, out in the park in FRONT of the White House :-) .

Continuing to pour thru "Problem from Hell," Powers. Oh my God. We have so much more to do; we've barely begun. Stage 1 rocket fired April 30. If we don't build and fire Stage 2 and Stage 3, then what was luanched Arpil 3o, along with the future of 2,000,000 Darfuries, will crash, and burn, VERY SOON. NO ONE SHOULD CONSIDER THEMSELVES COMMITTED TO DARFUR / OR HOPEFUL FOR DARFUR RESTORATION THAT HAS NOT READ THIS BOOK. With it, we can honestly look at WHAT LEVEL OF ACTION THAT WE MUST PRODUCE; and THAT HAS NEVER BEEN PRODUCED BEFORE IN THIS COUNTRY!!!!! Without mastery of this book, we should count the 2,000,000 as already dead, as good as dead. Without it, WE WILL UNDER PRODUCE / UNDER PERFORM - AS WE THE PEOPLE HAVE EVERY OTHER TIME. This God Given book can let us take stock, and see the superior level of commitment that can/will Rescue and Restore Darfur... before it is too late.

Folks from so many places: Canada - "Why are you the only one out here? Doesn't anyone have any balls around here? Let's talk when I get back - let's figure how I can join in." (thanks for the donation); Korea; Teachers/students from Kentucky; Warrior - Indiginous Street sage (thanks for the $1!); Ladies from South America; Students from Pittsburgh; Med Students from Georgetown; Folks from San Francisco; St. Louis/Baltimore; Oregon/Virginia.... SORRY! Camera problems lost about 3 of you. So sorry. COME BACK! Thanks to you all for the contributions to this Stand. Let's Stand With Darfur - until they are restored.

The next piece of substance on this site is likely to be concerned with Courage and / or the concept Kristoff discussed lately - Citizens Army. Some folks want to know about Needs of this Stand With Darfur. Likely something on that as well.

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