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Vigil Day #113 Darfur Vigil Washington DC

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Thursday, May 24, 2007


Will we ever see people "paying the price" like this to end Darfur Genocide? Thanks Google.

UVM students end hunger strike, make deal with administrationVermont Guardian, VT - Apr 27, 2007A dozen UVM students who are part of the Student Labor Action Project (SLAP) went on a hunger strike Monday in an effort to get the school to boost wages ...
Hunger strike ends at, VT - Apr 28, 2007Maron said the five-day hunger strike ended, in part, because of an "on-the-record" commitment made by UVM President Daniel Fogel to address the issue of ...
UVM students on hunger strike Demand higher wages for workersBarre Montpelier Times Argus, VT - Apr 25, 2007BURLINGTON — A dozen University of Vermont students are entering the third day of a hunger strike to demand higher wages for the university's lowest paid ...
Hunger Strike EndsWCAX, VT - Apr 27, 2007The five-day hunger strike is over at UVM. The twelve students and their supporters ate bread Friday afternoon after reaching an agreement with UVM ...
Student Hunger Strike Over Worker Wages EndsWNNE-TV, VT - Apr 27, 2007The students started the hunger strike Monday, saying they wanted workers to be paid what advocates said is a livable wage. ...
Students end hunger strike over confusion over worker payBoston Globe, MA - Apr 27, 2007BURLINGTON, Vt. --A five-day hunger strike waged by students at the University of Vermont over worker salaries ended Friday after students learned workers ...
Hunger Strikers in 4th DayWCAX, VT - Apr 26, 2007... of the 250 UVM workers not making a livable wage, say that they support the students, and say a hunger strike is an effective form of social protest. ...
UVM livable wage figures misleadingVermont Guardian, VT - May 10, 2007On April 27, twelve University of Vermont (UVM) students from the Student Labor Action Project (SLAP) ended a five-day hunger strike to urge the university ...
Strikers say they are buoyed by, VT - Apr 25, 2007The lowest-paid UVM workers start at $10.60 an hour. Hunger striker Max Tracy, 20, of Northbrook, Ill., said he gave an update on the hunger strike to his ...
Fogel Defends UVM WagesWCAX, VT - Apr 26, 2007The President at the University of Vermont released a statement Thursday morning about the hunger strike at the school, which has entered its fourth day. ...
Editorial: Activism blooms in fertile Vermont, VT - Apr 27, 2007On Monday, 12 students at the University of Vermont began a hunger strike calling on the university to offer a livable wage to its lowest-paid workers. ...
University of Vermont student protest staff wagesNewsday, NY - Apr 25, 2007BURLINGTON, Vt. -- A hunger strike being waged by students at the University of Vermont entered its third day Wednesday, with protesters saying they won't ...
Trickle Down Conservatism Infects, DC - Apr 27, 2007The students, who began the hunger strike Monday, are promising to consume only water and fruit juices. UVM President Dan Fogel says the school offers some ...
UVM students confront, VT - Apr 27, 2007... of Billings Student Center on Thursday afternoon, but the tumult had nothing to do with Day 4 of the hunger strike to push a livable wage on campus. ...

Friday, April 13, 2007

Darfur: U.S. Activism a TOTAL MORAL FAILURE

[SEE: A Hunger For Justice : Darfur Becomes One Man's Cause for Deprivation
Delphine Schrank, C01 (Post) Washington Post, April 14, 2007]

What is wrong with this nasty, angry man! Some of my brothers and sisters in the Darfur activist community must be wondering. The rest have simply written me off.

Imagine the three people in the world you love the very most. Remember how much you love them. Do it. Ok. Now imagine that 4 years ago an all powerful entity, God, came and disguised these loved ones as Darfuries beyond any hope of recognition and placed them in Darfur; and further told you that if you told anyone that your loved ones would die immediately. You are told that the only way you can save them is to stop the genocide and restore Darfuries to their lives. WOULD YOU BE ACTING ANY DIFFERENTLY THAN YOU ARE NOW?!??!?!?!?!!?!?!?!??!? You sure as hell would.

Here is the other way that I look at it. Another one of tests of accountability I hold myself to in my personal actions is to imagine myself in Heaven after I die in front of my Darfur brothers and sisters explaining what I did or did not do. I think I'll do all right in these conversations. In similar conversations with my Cambodian, Rwandan, Balkan... brothers and sisters the behaviors of mine I describe will leave me shamed and without a shred of humanity.

[US & UK have the Security Council until June 30. This is your last chance to TRULY Stand with Darfur. Join a Brigade of PeaceMakers - Darfur, NOW.]

I apply the same test when considering the behavior of my brothers and sisters in the "Save Darfur Movement (SDM)." I envision the conversation going something like this:

SDM: "Yes, we knew it was 4 years. Yes we knew 450,000 exterminated. Yes we knew 2.5 million in concentration camps of forced starvation, rape, mutilation, murder and disease. We in the US agonized for you our Darfur brothers and sisters. We had meetings, and more meetings. We fasted from luxuries for one whole day per year. ONE ENTIRE DAY - WE ABSTAINED FROM ONE OF OUR LUXURIES! On another day we formed a human chain. On another day we sent postcards. POSTCARDS! In all there were one million! We divested our Colleges and States. Sure the real money came from China but it helped a little and it gave us great connections and enhanced our resumes too! Two different sunny afternoons we went to parks for demonstrations, and we even listened to some of the speakers! Wow, we really pulled out all the stops! I mean, what else would you have wanted??!?!?!

DARFUR: "We wanted you to treat us as you would your immediate family, which before God, we are. "Do unto others, ALL that you would have done unto you." We were raped every day. Our children were starved every day. Our men were shot every day. Our women were mutilated every day. YOU DID NOTHING."

The lesson of the holocaust was entirely: IN THE FACE OF GENOCIDE THE CITIZENS OF THE WORLD IMMEDIATELY LAY DOWN THEIR VERY LIVES UNTIL IT STOPS. Eric Reeves, Brian Steidle and who else has laid down their lives for Darfur?

The great desecration of the Holocaust didn't happen last month in Iran; it has been happening in the most Holocaust educated in the world, the US, for the last 4 years as we have risked nothing, suffered nothing, sacrificed nothing. We have done nothing.

Now we repent and vote immediately with our lives, WITH OUR LIVES giving Bush an iron clad, unmistakable mandate to end this, or we are Damned, and Darfur is dead.

Original, bad thinking? Strikingly parallel to what Rabbi Abraham J. Heschel had to say in 1938, possibly the most relevant prophetic, moral writing I've ever seen. For example:

* "We have trifled with the name of God. We have taken the ideals in vain. We have called for the Lord. He came. And was ignored. We have preached but eluded Him. We have praised but defied Him. Now we reap the fruits of our failure. Through centuries His voice cried in the wilderness. How skillfully it was trapped and imprisoned in the temples! How often it was drowned or distorted! Now we behold how it gradually withdraws, abandoning one people after another, departing from their souls, despising their wisdom. The taste for the good has all but gone from the earth. Men heap spite upon cruelty, malice upon atrocity."

* "Soldiers in the horror of battle offer solemn testimony that life is not a hunt for pleasure, but an engagement for service; that there are things more valuable than life; that the world is not a vacuum. Either we make it an altar for God or it is invaded by demons. "

* "The Almighty has not created the universe that we may have opportunities to satisfy our greed, envy and ambition. We have not survived that we may waste our years in vulgar vanities. The martyrdom of millions demands that we consecrate ourselves to the fulfillment of God’s dream of salvation. Israel did not accept the Torah of their own free will. When Israel approached Sinai, God lifted up the mountain and held it over their heads, saying: “Either you accept the Torah or be crushed beneath the mountain.

”The mountain of history is over our heads again. Shall we renew the covenant with God?"

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Darfur Hunger Strike Day 22. Final Farewell.

My dear brothers and sisters around the world. As noted below I've been away from the 24 h/day Sudan Embassy Darfur Hunger strike for more than a day now to deal with a wrongful arrest that seems to be dropped. This has given me access to computer that I'll not have on the sidewalk of the Embassy. I expect this is my final goodbye to you as I'll spend what is left of my body trying to thaw el-Bashir's heart on his Embassy sidewalk.

You still don't see it. Saving Darfur is about saving your world. Darfur is a mortal wound on the humanity of your Soul, and the Soul of your global brothers and sisters. Leaving it un-Rescued and un-Restored is bleeding away from you whatever bit of Heart / Humanity / Sanity you've had left in this cesspool / toxic dump of a selfish world.

Your Heart will not survive much more of this. You need to get off of your death-bed now. Draw on your Heart. Through exercise it will regain strength - quickly.

Otherwise, you have once and for all lost planet earth to the end times. You will give Living Hell to your children.

May God help you.

Your loving brother forever, Start Loving

Monday, March 12, 2007

PRESS RELEASE: Darfur Hunger Strike Moves to Sudan Embassy 24 Hours Per Day

Darfur Hunger Strike Moves to Sudan Embassy 24 Hours Per Day Until el-Bashir Regains His Humanity

Washington, DC March 12, 2007 Darfur Hunger Strike day thirteen moves to the Sudan Embassy tomorrow at about noon where the striker intends to remain until Sudan President el-Bashir regains his humanity and brings full and generous protection, relief and restoration to his tortured Darfur family. Start Loving, previously known as Jay McGinley, has attempted to end the Darfur Genocide since May 14, 2006 by vigiling 134 days at and around the White House, accompanying this with 60 days of water-only hunger strike.

Loving, an executive in the computer industry turning around failing organizations most of his adult life, is also a trained psychological counselor and was on the management team of a small retail chain in Philadelphia until May 13, 2006 when he gave up everything to fight nonviolently in DC for his Darfur family.

“I appeal to the heart, to the humanity, to the Immortal Soul of my brother el-Bashir,” said Loving. “Al-Bashir is headed toward a place in history alongside Adolph Hitler, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Zionists and Pol Pot. He has the blood of millions on his hands. I hope to give my life, if that is required, in an attempt to awaken his heart in time to save my brother and some of our Darfur brothers and sisters. I hope to find the heroism and courage of my blessed brother and sister U.S. Soldiers who willingly give their Lives in Iraq for others, as mistaken as their beliefs may be.”

According to the faith based coalition, “not since the Rwandan genocide of 1994 has the world seen such a calculated campaign of displacement, starvation, rape, and mass slaughter... Darfur has been embroiled in a deadly conflict for over three years. At least 400,000 people have been killed; more than 2 million innocent civilians have been forced to flee their homes and now live in displaced-persons camps in Sudan or in refugee camps in neighboring Chad; and more than 3.5 million men, women, and children are completely reliant on international aid for survival.”

Loving faces added difficulties in his Sudan Embassy Hunger Strike campaign including a record of arrests for peacefully demonstrating at the Pentagon, Federal Court House and the White House. Despite more than 60 nonviolent, all night vigils in front of the White House acknowledged by the police to be lawful and admirable, in late January of 2007 a rogue police officer, under the cloak of darkness, harassed and then arrested Loving for sitting up under a tree holding Darfur posters; just as Loving had done on the previous nights. Loving's court date for this arrest is March 21st and the Sudan Embassy Hunger Strike will preclude attendance at this hearing.

Additionally, Loving is completely without support or backing for his campaign which will make his campaign more difficult to survive for any significant length of time. On previous strikes Loving has had access to water , bathroom facilities and the protection of Lafayette Park Officers. Additionally, without support Loving has no knowledge or experience to guide him regarding the potential behavior of police. Despite the fact that he will be entirely nonviolent it is unknown what police action may be mounted by the various law enforcement agencies.

“Time is long past “up” for our Darfur family, and for the Soul of my brother el-Bashir” said Loving. “I have no illusion that my efforts will make any difference, but that is not my responsibility. Our Father calls us to be faithful, not successful. As best I can tell Our Father, Humanity, Conscience, Love, whatever you call it demands that we risk everything we have to awaken a Saving Love, Brotherhood, Humanity in a brother, el-Bahsir, in the face of such suffering and atrocity. This is my best attempt.”

Start Loving – Man seeking to end Darfur Genocide
Sudan Embassy Sidewalk, 2210 Massachusetts Ave, NW., Washington, DC (expected to be unattended during this Darfur Hunger Strike campaign.
Further information: (all blogs at “Complete Profile”).
Attachment: Letter to el-Bashir