Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Day #10 May 23: Clarity and Progress

Soon I'll share the clarity that came today regarding the message I am to communicate, given the chance, to organizations and leaders here in the city. It is fairly exciting and hopeful. Will it be really helpful? Will it change things? It could.

And, to his credit, a senior individual in a prominent anti-Genocide group here in town has agreed to meet with me to discuss. Upon learning of his intention to meet I sent him detail. Hopefully we still will meet. We should.


A small part of the clarity that I've now fleshed out so that others might see what haunts me is the following that I believe to be truth: NORMALITY IN THE FACE OF GENOCIDE IS FATAL.
In fact, I think this is the central finding of Samatha Power's detailed study of genocide in the last 100 years.

Let's pray, that I am wrong, and Restoration for Darfur is already at hand, OR, let us pray that someone helps get us on track to do so. 2,000,000 lives are out of time. Even after the forcefully negotiated "peace agreement" 2 weeks ago, Sudan is already backpeddling. THIS IS A VERY OMINOUS SIGN. WE SHOULD ASSUME THAT THIS MEANS THEY HAVE DECIDED TO EXTERMINATE THE REMAINING 2,000,000. That is what Genocidal regeimes do when they realize that they are running out of time.

Many wonderful folks concerned about Darfur in President's park from all over - Canada, Columbia, Oregon, NY, Ohio, France.... Most seem passionate about doing their part to Rescue and Restore their Darfur family to thier land and life:

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