Friday, June 02, 2006

Darfur Vigil Day #20, June 2: What if there were an Army?

DC area on the last 2 days (?) of the project away from the White House Darfur Vigil

If there were an army of us for Darfur - Standing With Darfur at the White House in vigil, fast, and or hunger strike - the Genocide would stop. That is why I am here. That is why I am here, despite being alone. As Dr. King said (I paraphrase), 'Doing what is right, is right even if no one knows about it."

Sure, during the course of the day it will flash through my mind - what are you doing here in DC in a Stand With Dafur all by yourself? Reason would suggest several possiblities:

1. That this Stand With Darfur is correctly recognized by others as a mistaken, futile, irrelevent, inappropriate, counterproductive campaign.
2. That we have not allowed ourselves the honest thought to evaluate the worthiness of such a PERSONALLY COSTLY campaign for Darfur, as an instinctive defense against being drawn in.
3. Participation in such a Stand With Darfur would be a direct violation of that religion in which we have supreme faith - Stockpiling Money for the safety, comfort and pleasure of Me and Mine.
4. Our culture so dismisses our humanity as irrelevent and not useful that our humanity is all but non existant thru extreme attrophy from non-exercise. Hence, we can look at a Stand WITH Darfur and see - nothing.

Honestly, #1 above does NOT seem the correct answer. I find that #2-4 are the explanation as to why I fight alone thus far.

In terms of humanity, we in the West are all but dead; and the people in Darfur are all but dead. But not entirely. I am drawn to exercise my humanity for the shred of hope that holds for the Restoration of our Darfur family, and for the revitalization of my US family.

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