Tuesday, October 03, 2006

DARFUR: GLOBAL FAST. Nothing less will save them now, or us.

We are clearly settling for another Rwanda.


More at: DARFUR Dying for Heroes

Or, we will have nothing less but, regrets.


Anonymous said...

America is on the verge of being, if not already considered, the most despised country in the world due to our meddling in the affairs of Islamic people of oil-rich countries. Sudan is one such country. What would you say to the average American who does not want the rest of the world to hate them any more? What would you say to China for making clear their intention to veto any possible solution due to their oil interests in the region? What would you say to other countries with large armies that could make a difference? There is no easy solution, but America is likely to sit this one out. We cannot afford to flout the UN again. We must either fund, or find someone else to fund, internal resistance groups. There will be a lot more blood spilled before this is all done. It is heartbreaking.

Jay McGinley said...

What I would say to you is what I say to myself. It is the same I would say to the other parties you mentioned: DO UNTO OTHERS ALL THAT YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU. Nothing more. Nothing less. Nothing else.

Anonymous said...

The sentiment you espouse is one that most reasonable people adhere to. But we still cannot ignore the fact that we are at a unique position in history as being reviled by almost everyone in the global community. Perhaps we can participate inirectly by funding resistance groups or, as Bush is doing, pressuring China, Russia, and India to get off their duffs and help.

On another note, I am once again surprised (but not too much) by the deafening silence emanating from the Muslim community on a matter which emanates from their perverted sense of societal beliefs.

Thank you for keeping your comments civil and respectful in what is an emotionally charged issue. I have not had similar experiences in other like-oriented forums.

Jay McGinley said...

Dear friend,

My suggestion is esposed by many and practiced by almost none. We pay Lip Service not Life Service with one exception in a million. THAT is the problem.

Of course, "Do unto others ALL that you would have them do unto you," is the most demanding of requirments. It demands that the practitioner unilize every grain of sense, intuition, reason, courage, information, analysis, restraint... that they posess. And, for each individual what they are "called" to do is different. However, in the face of Genocide, in the face of the extreme cruelty of Darfur, if the response is not extreme it is not "...ALL that you would have them do unto you;" unless that individual is already HEROICALLY committed to the "...least of these my family..." elsewhere.

As to the absence of Muslim response, "Muslim" is more of a cultural/historical label as is "Christian." Where were the "Christians" during the Armenian genocide? Where were the US/International Jews during the Holocaust? Answer? There are no Jews, Christians, Muslims... to speak of. Hypocrites? PLEANTY.

Anonymous said...

You make some very good points, and you are blessed to be able to articulate them so well.

Is there anything concrete you would like to see various parties do to end the suffering that pervades Darfur? A bullet-point list, if you may? Thank you for your time and friendship.

Jay McGinley said...

Hi friend.

Guidance re Darfur? Hmmm. Truly, that would like me telling you how to GET TO Darfur. I don't know where you are: Egypt? US? China?....

What I can tell you that is that until some folks, dozens and hundreds of folks stand up HEROCIALLY the genocide will continue.

My advice? Go to www.DarfurDyingForHeroes.blogspot.com, review the site in some detail, find a direction you are called toward, and GO BEYOND. God be with you.

brother jay

Anonymous said...

I am a Christian. I wish to to go to Darfur and fight the arabs. There are orthodox brothers that are dying out there. teh Americans ultimately don't give a shit and Europe is dominated by Catholics. So it is left to Orthodox brothers (Russians, Greeks, Lebanese, Serbs, Ethiopians, Armenians) to fight these bastards.

Start Loving said...

Dear friend,

You seem to love Jesus. I too love Jesus, with all of my heart.

I am certain beyond any doubt now that He led all of us, every human on earth to the Cross, until a perfect Heaven on Earth reigns.

But what kind of warriors does he call us to be? The kind he was - Redeemers - the Perfect (100% Brotherly-Loving) Sacrifice.

Do you know who Gandhi considered the greatest of such warriors of his lifetime? Leo Tolstoy. There are two books that killed Gandhi the Barrister and resurected Gandhi the greatest warrior for change of all time. The book by Tolsoy was "The Kingdom of God is Within You." Tolstoy is from the side of "Cristianity" you speak of, no? The root work from which "Kingdom..." was written is the most important book ever written - "The Gospel in Brief," by Tolstoy.

The Jesus I know lived and died, gave his entire life, as we are supposed to do, for one belief - we ALL are ONE FAMILY, we ALL ARE BROTHERS. There are no "bastards." There are, 99.99999% of us ARE out of our minds, we've lost our Hearts, we've clinically lost our humanity, we are drowning in error.

The one and only war that Jesus calls us to is to be such totally loving, willing-to-have-our-lives-taken-for-the-redemption-of-our-brothers that soon, the error, the inhumanity that reigns unopposed in all religions on the planet today becomes clear, the Heart awakens, and the Kingdom begins to reign. Please see - http://jesusgodgoodetcnjay.blogspot.com/